26 April 2011

our easter in photos

26 April 2011

Solemn, Simple and Spent with family - that's pretty much the theme of our Easter Weekend. 

The Lord is Risen! Let's all be Glad and Rejoice! 

20 April 2011


20 April 2011


I wanted to watch the Lion King on broadway when we were in New York last year. But it being a bestseller, tickets were all sold out by the time we decided to book. 
We settled on Avenue Q instead.

But as luck would have it, Lion King came to us in SG!

It was raining especially hard on the day of the show.
Which caused us to be late!
We arrived a few minutes after the theater doors closed!!!

Thanks again to lady luck, they let us in after the entrance song!
We didn't really miss anything as there were TV monitors outside the theater.
I was, in fact, happy to have come late because I got the chance to see the actors up close as they were preparing to enter the theater!

The show did not disappoint.

We were transported deep into the African safari and serengeti the entire show.
I found myself singing along to the familiar songs of my youth (not so long ago) :) The circle of life, hakuna matata, can you feel the love tonight? Ahhh, memories.
The actors, their costumes, the stage set up, and the music made the experience almost real!

I couldn't resist sneaking a few shots from my vantage point!

What endeared it more to me was the fact that all the Young Nala's and young Simba's were all kid actors from my home country - the Philippines :)


I would definitely want to watch Lion King again...maybe in New York? 
We'll see... Hakuna Matata!