14 December 2011


14 December 2011

off to the library. 
she chose to wear this ensemble. 
skirt + sling bag + sandals.
is there a pause button that i can press around here?

le sigh.

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13 December 2011

random | toddler talk

13 December 2011

She was prematurely awakened from nap by the noise from the neighbour's renovation works.
Mum :  What woke you up early? 
Andi : Too early. 
Mum:  Was it the noise upstairs? 
Andi :  Wake up early...to watch ipad...and ummmm B-I-N-G-O! 
 Makes perfect sense, doesn't it? 

And the photo? 

That  is how we do "say cheese" these days.

05 December 2011

memories captured | when you were 2.

05 December 2011


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30 November 2011

and we are 2! | a sesame street party.

30 November 2011
PARTY TIME 12-11-11 // we wanted to give andi a party devoted to her current favourites: elmo, blowing candles, cakes, crayons, balls, her friends and of course, us, her family! we thought  no further and decided to throw her a sesame street themed party the day after her actual birthday.

to set the mood, i decorated our estate's function hall in primary colors - a bright color palette of red, yellow, green and blue. we bought a few licensed supplies (hats, banner, table cloth) to get that authentic sesame street feel. the rest of the decors were generic party supplies and DIY printables.  printable templates were made for us by the SIL's graphic designer colleague. i hung yellow chinese lanterns to give a "sunny days" feel.  i also incorporated some of the characters from sesame street into the decor as well as the games. sesame street party ideas were inspired by coolest parties  and annie's eats. everything else was set up by me, the hubby, SIL and MIL!

we set up a designated area where the kids can play and eat at the same time. sesame street coloring sheets and some of andi's toys were provided to keep the kids entertained. sesame street music was also played throughout. we printed famous sesame street tag lines and pasted them around the play area as well. FOOD // the party was at 4pm. we had food for 30+ catered by orange clove. there was a sushi platter,  penne primavera, honey chicken, pan-fried snapper with miso butter sauce, cantonese cereal prawn, yam ring with vegetables, chipolata sausage, and home-made chicken macaroni salad. for dessert, we had mini new york cheesecakes and chocolate fudge brownies. there were hardly any photos of the food buffet. the designated photographer was too busy entertaining guests. ehem.
kiddie snacks consisted of elmo's favourite goldfish crackers, cookie monster cookies, fruit pops, elmo's punch and of course, an elmo cake!

GAMES // aside from crayons and coloring sheets, we also had a couple of games prepared for the kids which were also in keeping with the sesame street theme. 

count with the count was made with a cardboard and cut out shapes. the kids were made to count the various shapes aloud and write down the answer (may or may not be coached).

pin elmo's nose. my SIL made elmo's face from red, white and black cardstock. orange noses were provided the kids. we had them turn around a couple of times, close their eyes and pin elmo's nose. it was fun watching the kids pin the nose all over elmo's face! so much fun that we forgot to take photos! argh.  

the rest of the guests came after the games were played. just in time for cake blowing! everybody sang the happy birthday song. the birthday girl was such a pro at blowing the candle! she even had her eyes closed as if making a wish =)

the little girl thoroughly enjoyed herself! she clapped and skipped and hopped all party long. she also had fun giving away her bag of treats for her friends!

it was a simple yet intimate gathering of close friends and playmates. the kiddos had a lot of fun! i hope the adult guests had some fun too!

all in all, i'd say the party was a success! =)

Supplier Info:
Buffet: Orange Clove
Licensed Party Supplies: The Party Stuff at Novena Square
Elmo Cake: Cake Avenue
Treat Bag: Motherswork Great World City
Paper Supplies:  Art Friend in Takashimaya S.C.
Birthday Outfit (tank top with wings + tutu+silver shoes): Cotton On
Elmo Punch: Sunny Choice, Bukit Timah
Cookies and fruits: NTUC Fair Price
Sesame Street Theme Ideas: Coolest Kid Birthday Parties and Annie's Eats
Food labels and other printables: DIY

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11-11-11 | happy birthday, andi.

from the time she attended a friend's birthday party, toddler girl  has been patiently waiting for her turn to blow out her very own birthday cake. it finally came on 11-11-11 and many more times after that!

ON THE DAY // we brought her to the indoor playground, amazonia. it was a weekday so there were very few other kids around. she had the entire toddler area to herself! to say that she had fun is an understatement. she clearly had loads and loads of fun!

here are a few glimpses of that day...


23 November 2011


23 November 2011
beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

(never mind the cluttered background)

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13 November 2011

birthday spread

13 November 2011

outtakes from the weekend party.
stay tuned for more!
p.s. i'm posting this via mobile blogger app :)

10 November 2011

checking in

10 November 2011


it's been quite busy these past few days.
DIY party preparations for the toddler girl's birthday.
several deadlines and buzzers to beat at work.
loose ends to tie here and there.
boy, do i have a few stories and a ton of photos to share!
i'm not complaining, just saying. 
it's all good, really =)
i hope to get back into the swing of things soon!

oh and before i forget, i was over at Amber's last week for her SOS feature. 
please hop on over there and say hi! =) 

daddy duty

Eve of Toddler Girl's birthday.

Looks like the little lady is mighty pleased while on daddy's watch!

24 October 2011

found | 25 ways to wear a scarf

24 October 2011

Have you ever wondered how stylish gals manage to wear their scarves with such elegance and grace? I have and I am in luck! 

I came across this awesome instructional video on scarf wearing via 101 Grams of Eye Candy.  Such a timely find  especially for you ladies in North America since the autumn chill is already creeping in!  

Personally, I've only done the european knot, one loop and the classic drape. I'd love to try the infinity and waterfall styles sometime. But since I live in hot and humid conditions, I'll be content with wearing a scarf inside the heavily air-conditioned malls and churches. I hope I don't stick out like a sore thumb! 

Enjoy the video and tell me which one is your favourite! =)

21 October 2011

recently | back to work and other things

21 October 2011

After more than a year's hiatus, I've finally gone back to work. Part-time. I was both anxious and excited about the decision. I wasn't sure how we would all adapt to the change. Especially the little girl. But deep inside I knew that she would somehow adjust better than I ever will.

And she has. Kids are truly resilient. She lets me leave in the morning without a fuss. Kiss and hug bye bye and that's it! No more tears. Make that no tears at all. Amazing, isn't it? Now, it's a different story with me. I get that lump in my throat every time I kiss her goodbye. *sigh* 

I am thankful to have a reliable nanny. She's been with my side of the family for a long time. We got her to work for us when I gave birth and was still working full time. That settles childcare for when I'm not home. 

Survived the first week back at work! My new role is not as demanding as the one I previously held. I'm really thankful for part-time arrangements. As I've said to June, they are heaven-sent! 

With this new change, I have learned to appreciate and value more the  time I spend with my kid. I didn't give it much thought previously since we were together all day everyday. Quality time or QT as we like to call it has a whole new meaning for our family now. 

11.11.11. Toddler girl's turning 2 on that auspicious date. That's Veteran's Day for you friends in the US. We're planning a small party for her and her little friends.  We were in Kansas when she turned 1 last year. And daddy wasn't with us to celebrate. So this is really a first for us. I'm really excited. You see, she's been practicing blowing out candles and sings a decent Happy Birthday song. I can't wait to see how it all turns out! 

So recently, there's that.

Have a great weekend everyone!

19 October 2011

on your birthday

19 October 2011

I thank the Lord everyday for blessing me and our little girl
with a man as incredible and as exceptional as you are.

Happy Happy Birthday, Daddy Doods! 

18 October 2011

favourites | salt-water sandals now in singapore!

18 October 2011
Updated (9 May 2012):

Good news Ladies! Adult sized salts are now available at 

SOON LEE at 73 Haji Lane, Singapore 189216. They open daily from 12:00pm - 9:00pm and 1:00pm - 8:00pm on Sundays. Drop by the store when you're gallivanting around the Bugis area =)

For news and updates, like and add Salt-water Sandals Singapore on Facebook! 

18 October 2011

What does my toddler girl have in common with these celebrity babies?
Aside from being irresistibly cute? They're all fans of Salt-water Sandals, that's what!

I've long been waiting for these American cult classic from the forties to land in Singapore shores.
They're finally here!
Salt-water sandals are made with durable, water-resistant leather, rust-proof metal tongue buckles and sturdy stitched rubber soles. They are the perfect sandals for Singapore's tropical climate as they are made to be worn in and out of water, machine washable and will conform to your foot as they dry.
Truly versatile, long lasting and undoubtedly timeless!

My girl absolutely adores them. She wears them with everything and to everywhere. Even with her jammies at home. Here she is, already choosing her next pair!

Oh and these sandals are really soft and very comfy on mummy's feet too! Perfect for long walks and running after the little ones. 

How do I know this? Because I got 2 pairs for myself too!
salt-water sandals tan original
navy salt-water sandals
So go and grab a pair for  the wee boys and girls now. And while you're at it, order one for yourselves too! 

For INQUIRIES, email: naomi@thatchettsg.com

Salt-water Sandals for Kids can be found at these Singapore stores: (via)

Motherswork baby & kids
#02-16 Great World City 
Motherswork baby & kids
#03-11C Tanglin Mall
Tel: 6887 3571
Motherswork  curious minds
#B1-58 Galleria Level
The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands

*celebabies photos via

04 October 2011

perspective & a lesson

04 October 2011
The Little Miss had been sick for most of the past week.

Cough, colds, fever, vomiting, loss of appetite.
The whole flu package. 

She's back to her happy and healthy self now.

Thank God!

I cannot help but be paranoid every time she came down with something.

Especially when it has to do with fever.  

It evokes the familiar smell of fear, panic and other things unimaginable. 
And for good reason.

26 December 2010. 
11:00 PM. 

Wichita, Kansas.
It was the day after Christmas.  
Toddler girl was 13 months old then. We were on a prolonged vacation in my sister's home. Daddy had already gone back to Singapore. My sister was in the master's bedroom while her twins were fast asleep in theirs. The BIL was out for errands. 
It started after our bedtime routine. Little girl felt warm to touch and started getting cranky. The thermometer read 37.8 C (100 F) - mildly febrile. She wanted to be held, nursed and had bouts of screaming and crying. I couldn't figure out what was wrong. She neither had cough, colds, loose stools nor any obvious source of infection. For good measure, I gave her a dose of Paracetamol and did tepid sponging. She finally fell asleep in my arms.
Then it happened. She stirred in her sleep, looked me in the eye and fell limp. In my arms.  Her eyes rolled upwards and to the back of her head. Her arms and legs were flailing, convulsion taking over her body. Drool and froth poured out her dusky lips. 
She had a seizure. A febrile seizure.
As a PD, I knew she was not in any real danger at that time. I had attended to countless cases and counselled parents in the past. I know the drill by heart. Stay calm. Ensure child is in a safe place. Lay her on her side. Watch for signs of breathing difficulty. Keep track of how long the seizure lasts.
The episode lasted only 2 minutes. But it seemed like eternity.  
I struggled to stay calm. But, fear and panic ran through the core of my motherly being. 
Meanwhile, my sister had already called 911. My little girl had already come around when the paramedics came. Again for good measure, we went to the nearest emergency hospital. 
It was almost midnight. We braved the harsh Wichita winter. 
At the ER, she was subjected to invasive tests to look for possible sources of infection that could have caused the fever. All results were normal. 
Prior to the normal results were multiple attempts at poking. They had to call their "best" phlebotomist, who also attempted twice before getting enough blood samples. All this while, my baby was clinging to me, screaming for them to stop poking. I wanted to do the procedure myself to get it over and done with! And if I could give my own blood sample, I would! It was painful to watch my own child subjected to various invasive procedures. The very things I had subjected my patients to in the past!
I found myself on the patient side of the doctor-patient continuum. Everything felt and looked different from that vantage point. I saw things in a whole new perspective.

It has taken me a while to fully process the events that transpired that day. I keep trying to write down the details, but I couldn't...until now. This ordeal has shaken us to the core. The fact that we were in foreign country and Daddy was not around made the situation worse than it already was. I have my sister to thank for seeing us through it all. It's been months since the incident but I am still holding on to raw and scared feelings from the experience. Daddy calls it our jolt from heaven. 

What we've gone through is nothing compared to the suffering that other kids and families have. But it's not about who has it light, who has it easy or who has it worse. 

Everyone fights their own battles everyday.  

In the end, it all comes down to compassion...To showing a special kindness to those who suffer; to try to alleviate their suffering as if they were one's own.