30 September 2011

out and about

30 September 2011

Sneak peek at our escapade last weekend at Underwater World Sentosa
 Toddler girl gives it two thumbs up!

22 September 2011

monkey business

22 September 2011
Our weekend guests from the nearby nature reserve

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17 September 2011

05 September 2011

life lessons: anything goes

05 September 2011
Ode to A Broken Headpiece: The Happier Days

1. A scheduled power interruption in our estate is the perfect excuse to go out and bring the kiddo to an indoor playground. 

2. She had loads of fun and I got a much needed work out.

3. Toddlers can grieve. Mine recently has over a broken headpiece. 
4. I grieved with her but did not have the heart to snap a photo of her crying. 

5. This toddler is also constantly testing our boundaries.

6. She's armed with crocodile tears and whinese! Watch out!

7. Positive reinforcement and redirect. *meditates* Ohmm...

8. In other news, I have learned to install a new commenting system.

9. Disqus! Love it because it makes replying to comments so much easier. 
10. But...since I can access and reply to comments from my email account,
      I hardly get to visit and comment on my favorite blogs! Not good at all.

11. I. Need. To. Catch. Up.

12. We've been through trying times the past weeks. Not yet ready to talk about it.

13. But things are getting better and plans are slowly falling into place. 

14. Grateful for all lessons learned and unexpected blessing received.

      How about you? What lessons have you learned this past week?

Life With Baby Donut

01 September 2011

modern alphabet

01 September 2011

Modern take on the alphabet by milk-eyed
I want one for myself toddler too!