30 May 2011


30 May 2011

"there's two things I know for sure

she was sent here from heaven
and she's daddy's little girl...

....and I thank God for all of the joy in my life"

26 May 2011

milestone alert: 18 months

26 May 2011

Frolicking at the Jacob Ballas Children's Garden, Singapore

Before Baby Hoo turns another month older in a couple of weeks, let me quickly run down her awesomeness at 18 months of age.

(Inserts Hyper-parent Warning here).

Dear A, 

You are at the 50-75th centile for weight, height and head circumference and currently have 12 teeth (and growing some more).

Some people say you're bashful but you're just slow to warm up really. Focused and intense is how your Kindermusik teacher describes you. You indicate your wants by  pointing, gesturing, taking me by the hand and bringing me to where you want to go. Playing pretend, reading, listening to stories, looking and identifying pictures are among the activities that you like to do these days. 

You're quite the copy cat too! You always try to imitate me and Ate A while doing household activities like cooking, mopping, washing dishes and sweeping the floor.
As early as 16 months, you were already showing signs of independence by wanting to do things yourself like brushing teeth, taking off clothing items, feeding self with spoon, drinking from cup, bathing and a lot more!
Once you started walking at 11 months, there's no stopping you from becoming more and more mobile! Run, hop, kick, climb up and down stairs with support, climb on and off furniture, playing hide and seek and so much more! Running after you is my daily workout! 

Scribbling with crayons, shape sorting, building blocks are some of the fine motor skills you've acquired. You love scribbling so much that you're toy kitchen unit also doubles as an art canvas! 

As of last count, you have at least 85 intelligible words in your vocabulary! Daddy has an excel sheet for keeping count hehehe. You've also started to string 2 word sentences like "put up," "go down," "no more," "more apple," etcetera. 

On most days, you have a fairly good appetite for any dish that has rice, bananas, broccoli, pasta, chicken. Like most other toddlers, you put on your "fussy eater mask" on somedays. On fussy days, I am most thankful for my food allies. You have also recently developed a liking to the local palate - hainanese chicken rice, mee pok (minced meat noodles), ban mian, and fish ball noodle. Who knows what local dish you'll end up trying next? Laksa, maybe? 

You're a champion napper but sleeping through the night is a different matter altogether. Let's not talk about that yet :)

Daddy and I are in constant awe of the many tricks and skills that you've acquired! If we only had the power to slow things down...we probably would. 


25 May 2011

random find

25 May 2011


This round neck Paris Stripe dress is calling out my name. 
Oh yeah, and those sandals too!

23 May 2011

in case you didn't notice...

23 May 2011
My blog has a new look!

I was tinkering with the template editor and inadvertently deleted my old template and custom edits!
So I took the opportunity to tweak the look a bit.

Big thanks to Shabby Blog for the tutorial on blog header customization , My Owl Barn for the heads up on a free owl header by Emila Yusof.

Hope y'all like it!

19 May 2011

wait, instead.

19 May 2011
{photo by}

There are no easy answers. There are no quick fixes.
The only way is to try, try and, patiently wait.

"We also pray that you will be strengthened with his glorious power so that you will have all the patience and endurance you need." Colossians 1:11

17 May 2011

vesak day

17 May 2011

As the blue skies chase the dark cloud that looms,
I pray for enlightenment and inner peace for everyone.

Happy Vesak Day! 

10 May 2011


10 May 2011

Dear A.,

Today you cracked up laughing when I showed you how to do the pirouette. You clapped and clamored for "mohr!'
We were both giddy from all the laughing and twirling!
I wish that someday you'll learn to love dancing and laughing to your heart's content.


07 May 2011

funday friday

07 May 2011
Friday is Kindermusik day for the little one. 
She's been on the morning class since the new semester started.
After class, we usually head out to the nearest food court in ION Orchard and wait for Daddy to join us for lunch. 

Today was like any other Friday save for an extra special lunch treat! 
Daddy treated us to  CPK at Forum, the Mall. This is our first time to try this resto here in SG. The hubby and I were looking forward to sampling their "innovative pizzas with crusts that are hearth baked to perfection!"
(Our family loves to eat Pizza and our all time fave in SG is Modesto's.) 

While waiting for Daddy, the little one kept herself busy with crayons and crunchies!

These were our choices: California style pizza, pasta and salad! 

Fettucine in garlic Parmesan cream sauce with Italian parsley
5 Cheese Pizza: fresh Roma tomatoes, basil, fresh Mozarella Monterey Jack, smoked Gouda, Mozarella & shaved Pecorino Romano cheeses 

Classic Chicken Caesar Salad: Crisp Romaine leaves with shaved Parmesan cheese & garlic herb croutons tossed in Caesar dressing & topped with a grilled rosemary chicken breast.
We were full to the gills when we finished! And we still had some left to take home! We especially loved the five cheese pizza. Even our toddler gave it her nod of approval.
On Baby: Baby Gap Denim Dress
Here's hoping that fridays will always be fun days for all of us! Till the next one! :)

04 May 2011

food allies

04 May 2011
At 17 months and 3 weeks old, 

I hereby proclaim that my toddler has officially entered the era of fussy and picky eating! 

Thankfully though, I still have these guys in my arsenal. 

Annie's Totally Natural Rice Pasta and Cheddar

Homecooked Chicken Adobo

Dried Mangoes 

 And,  Broccoli! 

Keeping my fingers and toes crossed that I don't run out of options. 

I shall keep looking! 

03 May 2011

weekend that was

03 May 2011
It was a long weekend for us over here in the RED DOT. Here is what transpired over those 3 days :)

1. The Royal Wedding. 
3 PM Singapore time, we watched the events unfold via live feed from Mediacorp/BBC coverage. We were in awe by the elegance of it all! The tailored suits, uniforms, fascinators, hats, horse drawn carriages, presence of royalty from around the world!
My toddler was so into the celebration that she kept on waving back at the Royals on the telly!

The Beckhams 

 Prince William and Prince Harry 

Here comes the bride...HRH Duchess of Cambridge Catherine Middleton!

2. Baby's First Long MRT Ride and Baby Shower!
On our way to attend a baby shower party, we decided to take public transport - the MRT.
 Papa Hoo & Baby Hoo enjoying the ride :)

Baby Hoo had a great time chasing and dodging balloons that pop spontaneously!

On Baby: Cotton On Kids Navy Tank and Tutu Skirt, Okiedokie White Cardigan
Sandals: See Kai Run Rona

3.  Important Events for the Catholic Church.
     Blessed John Paul II was beatified on Divine Mercy Sunday.
Beatification of John Paul II on Divine Mercy Sunday
165th Anniversary of Saint Joseph Church BT, the second oldest Catholic Church in the Archdiocese of Singapore
St. Joseph, Model of Holiness

Facade of  St. Joseph Church, Bukit Timah

4. Chilling at home and doing her favorite activity at the moment: Scribbling with crayons!

 That knowing smile and twinkle in her eyes when she accomplishes a task. Precious.

Scribble. Scribble. 

Scribble anywhere and everywhere.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend as well!