28 March 2011

Green Apple.

28 March 2011
It's nice to find out that one of my most "loved" companies is also going green.

Source: Laughgreen.blogspot.com

26 March 2011

Choose to be Powerful!

26 March 2011

I choose to be powerful!
Wherever you are in the world, switch off your non-essential lights and electrical appliances from 8:30 to 9:30 PM.

24 March 2011

Less is More.

24 March 2011
In this day & age, minimalism is a universal theme that we are seeing more and more.  It's influence can be seen in the realms of

Source: Minimalist House Design

Source: Vogue Princess Najia

Source: Abstract Painting by Carolyn Shoddard Goodridge
Not to be outdone,

I too have has followed suit and embraced minimalist technology.

BEHOLD! The 11 inch Mac Book Air.

23 March 2011

Force March-eur.

23 March 2011

It is said that the presence of the Supermoon has incited natural calamities such as earthquakes, tsunamis and storms. Perhaps it has. Perhaps it hasn't. What I can only attest to is how this lunar phenomenon affected our lives this month. We've had nothing but good luck and graces this month of March. 

++Clearing both components of a recent exam that I took..which means that I am one step closer to my current career goal. Failing the practical part would have meant me retaking it, which equates to added expense, etc.

++My baby's immigration papers have been approved!

++Getting my long-awaited 11 inch MBA....for free! We've been wanting to get our hands on the MBA. We waited & waited...and just when we were about to bite the bullet, our broadband service provider came up with a free MBA promo, which we were eligible to join! How timely!

For all these, I am truly truly grateful to the One Superior Being who always keeps us under His watchful care.

15 March 2011

here i go again

15 March 2011
when i first started writing in this space, i was a newly-wed, excited about the unknown future my husband and i were creating while living and working in a new country.

fast forward 2 years, we became a family of 3. and even more excited to explore life with our lovely andi.

another year later, we geared up for major life and career changes. it's still ongoing, really.

here i am once again in my niche to document the events of our ongoing journey...