23 March 2011

Force March-eur.

23 March 2011

It is said that the presence of the Supermoon has incited natural calamities such as earthquakes, tsunamis and storms. Perhaps it has. Perhaps it hasn't. What I can only attest to is how this lunar phenomenon affected our lives this month. We've had nothing but good luck and graces this month of March. 

++Clearing both components of a recent exam that I took..which means that I am one step closer to my current career goal. Failing the practical part would have meant me retaking it, which equates to added expense, etc.

++My baby's immigration papers have been approved!

++Getting my long-awaited 11 inch MBA....for free! We've been wanting to get our hands on the MBA. We waited & waited...and just when we were about to bite the bullet, our broadband service provider came up with a free MBA promo, which we were eligible to join! How timely!

For all these, I am truly truly grateful to the One Superior Being who always keeps us under His watchful care.