29 May 2012

kani wrap & roll

29 May 2012
One lazy and stuffy sunday morn, the hubs was looking for something "different" to eat.
Luckily I remembered bookmarking  this recipe from Mom Friday!

Here goes my simplified version.

+ Wholemeal wrap (not in photo).
kani wrap&roll

Spread Japanese Mayo on the wrap. Arrange filling on top.
kani roll-ups

Wrap and Roll! Cut and serve with Wasabi.
Homemade Kani roll-ups for sunday snacks.

Toddler approved!
kani roll-ups

28 May 2012

no cook play dough

28 May 2012
School holidays are here!
Well, in Singapore at least.
Here's an easy peasy, no cook, all natural, playdough recipe to keep the kids entertained.

no cook playdough #diy #toddlerart

2 cups flour
1/2 cup water
3 tablespoons olive oil
2 teaspoons vinegar

this kept her attention for a good a hour or so :) #diy #toddlercraft
Mix ingredients in a bowl.
Knead, roll, mold, create.
Add flour or water as needed to get desired consistency.
Voila! You now have an all natural play dough!
Add colouring (various kool aid flavours, beetroot powder, cocoa powder) if desired.

Looking for more playdough recipes?
Check out Militza's all natural playdough recipe and Natural Parenting's Playdough Ideas here.

15 May 2012

A Chorus Line

15 May 2012
"Empty theatre. Bare stage. Seventeen dancers. Eight spots. One dream."

One of the longest running musicals in broadway, A Chorus Line portrays the hardships that dancers go through in their quest for a role. The audition is their chance of a lifetime. To fulfill their lifelong dreams of performing, of becoming a dancer. Though the script was originally written in 1975,  the theme is still very much applicable to current times. For stories of aspirations and pursuit of dreams against all odds never get old.  The perfect combination of raw emotion and stunning choreography will surely captivate dance enthusiasts. A Chorus Line is also guaranteed to resonate well with someone who has cherished dreams of performing — like moi. Don't miss the chance to watch!

Performance Schedule:
May 4 - 27, 2012
Marina Bay Sands Theater
Showtime: Tue to Fri - 7:30pm
                  Sat & Sun - 1:30pm & 7:30pm
Duration: 2 hours and 5 minutes (No Intermission)

09 May 2012

weekend bits

09 May 2012
vscocam4 vscocam2
vscocam11 vscocam10
vscocam5 vscocam6
this weekend included //
+ laid back saturdate with the hubs
+ watching A Chorus Line which moved me to tears and evoked memories of performing 
+ trip to a mall playground where the toddler girl conquered slides, stairs and tunnels with ease. i'm still amazed at how agile and lithe she's become
+ trying on toys at the toystore and resisting the urge to buy

behind the snaps //
- toddler girl with stomach upset and a bout of vomitting. it spontaneously resolved, whew.
- minor pushing incident at the playground. so proud of my girl when she stood up to the kid and said "no push"

positive more than negative? i'll take it.

07 May 2012

an hour before bedtime.

07 May 2012
It's been getting harder and harder to get toddler girl to sleep. The hours leading to naps and bedtimes are becoming a constant struggle. She used to fall asleep at 8 pm. Nine at the latest. There are times now that she sleeps at 10-10:30 pm! I don't know what happened. I think I need to tire her more. Or not.

Anyway, this is what usually ensues an hour or so before bedtime.

1. Snuggles and stories with daddy.
A photo an hour
2. Pretending to sleep and asking me to take peekchur.
A photo an hour

02 May 2012

port of lost wonder

02 May 2012
Untitled Untitled
Over the long weekend, we paid a visit to the much talked about water park in Singapore today— the Port of Lost Wonder in Palawan Beach, Sentosa.
Our day started damp and dark. Good thing Mr. Sun showed up by the time we reached the port. There weren't too many patrons around since it was a weekday. We even found a nice picnic spot. We had lunch at the port belly restaurant. Food was generally good. We had penne bolognaise, hotdog + mashed potato, cheese fries and bbq chicken wings. I liked the mashed potato that came with the hotdog best. After eating, father and daughter began their water adventure. Toddler girl thoroughly enjoyed splashing and sploshing on the big pirate ship! The water slides, wading pool, water sprays and bucket splashes were more than enough to quench the summer heat and keep the toddler girl's interest. We didn't join the other activities since they were more suitable for older kids. Besides, I probably couldn't drag toddler girl away from the water area even if I wanted to. The port was such a hit! And, all for a measly fee of S$6.80 ! Best part of all? While the water bunnies were frolicking and basking under the glorious sun, I was happily watching them from under the shade of trees. I may not be too fond of summers but I like summer days like this.

Read more fun accounts at the port here and here.
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bubbles & dreams.

Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled
forever blowing,
pretty delicate bubbles.
they fly so high,
some nearly reach the sky,
they fall to the ground,
or fade into thin air,
chase them,
hope to catch them.
just like my dreams.