07 May 2012

an hour before bedtime.

07 May 2012
It's been getting harder and harder to get toddler girl to sleep. The hours leading to naps and bedtimes are becoming a constant struggle. She used to fall asleep at 8 pm. Nine at the latest. There are times now that she sleeps at 10-10:30 pm! I don't know what happened. I think I need to tire her more. Or not.

Anyway, this is what usually ensues an hour or so before bedtime.

1. Snuggles and stories with daddy.
A photo an hour
2. Pretending to sleep and asking me to take peekchur.
A photo an hour

3. I remind her that it's a few more minutes till lights off. She rolls to the other end of her crib. Still pretending to sleep. A photo an hour
4. Big lights switched off, lamp on. They move to the corner to read a book, tell stories, make shadows. A photo an hour
5. Time for milk. She declares, "only daddy hold milk, not mummy." A photo an hour
6. Few minutes before total lights off. Here she is imploring not to switch off the lamp.
A photo an hour
7. All lights off save for a small night lamp. She would whine, "I cannot see anything mummy."
8. I distract her with a short story. Then we kneel and pray. Thank you Papa Jesus for the food and the toys, for mummy and daddy and for EVERYTHING!"
9. She asks me to sing her favourite lullaby. Sing Alleluia to the Lord. Twinkle twinkle little star. When I'd hum, she'll say, "No hmmmm mummy, no soft, just sing!"
10. She climbs to our bed. "I want to sleep with you mummy." And I let her... I'm a sleep softie and we still co-sleep, her crib next to our bed.

Do you have a sleep tip for me? Please share =)

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