28 June 2011

live to read

28 June 2011
    flipping the pages of a book in the public library
    for reading is learning and living and,

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27 June 2011

tit for tat

27 June 2011

This is what happens around these parts on laid back Sundays.
In the beginning, the tot was more than happy to read her well worn book of firsts. 
Then she probably realized, 
"Hey daddy, these words are too easy! I can say big words now like cockwoach, see?
I know! (*lightbulb*) How about a trade?" 
And so it goes. Tit for tat. Book for Kindle. 

24 June 2011

moving up

24 June 2011

This poker face moved up to big girl Kindermusik class today! Hooray!
She had a blast!

It was such a joy to see her mingle with new friends, dancing,
Singing and enjoying all the new activities in class. 
We're off to a good start!

Have a great weekend!

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23 June 2011

sharing is caring

23 June 2011
For someone like me who has no technical/HTML background, the task of upgrading one's blog design seemed daunting at first. However, after intense googling, I discovered that there's a ton of material available on the world wide web!

So here, I'd like to share some of the resources that I found.

For shabby chic templates, blog buttons and blinkies. This is where I learned how to Customize my Blog Header using Fotoflexr. The other tutorials  are on how to make the navigation bar disappear, how to make your own grab button, adding post dividers and a whole lot more! She also blogs HERE.

Create a personalized signature for free! There are over a hundred ready made fonts to choose from! I chose font #99 as it was closest to my handwriting. 

I came across these sites when I googled "How To Remove Image Borders." They have a compilation of basic to advance tips on design, html and the like.

4. Sneaky Momma's Blog Tips and Tricks
She's a self taught blog designer who has mastered the art of blog design. Beginner, Intermediate and Advance Tips, you name it, she has it!

These are but a few resources but I sure hope you'll find them useful too!

22 June 2011

wordless wednesday

22 June 2011

Future baller, eh?

Link up with Uyen of Ramble Road Ramblings and Java of Never Growing Old

21 June 2011

sunny skies

21 June 2011

After days and days of incessant rain, 
The sun is up, the sky is blue
'Tis finally pool time for Daddy & Baby Hoo

20 June 2011

getting japaniced

20 June 2011
Father's Day Lunch was a toss between  German and Japanese Cuisine. 

BROTZEIT German Bier & Restaurant vs Kuishinbo Japanese Buffet. 

Brotzeit did not seem very toddler friendly (some reviews say otherwise though) so, we went for the latter. We decided to try the new branch at Jurong Point Mall. It was my first time here and I was really impressed with what I saw. There was an entire stretch of Japanese food stalls and restos! I was in sushi and takoyaki paradise! For a minute there, I thought I was in Japan.

There was no queue when we got there and we were immediately seated. Unfortunately the toddler girl was not in the best of moods that day so I wasn't able to take photos of the food display! Oh, well!
But you can check out the mouth-watering spread HERE. We stuffed ourselves with appetizers, sushi, sashimi, teppanyaki, soft shell crabs, tempura, soba, green tea ice cream and a variety of other food & desserts! Whew! 

The little one sampled the yakitori and cold Soba noodles. She seemed to like it enough to liven up her mood & smile for the camera! 


19 June 2011

father's day

19 June 2011
These worlds, life changing.

And then, there's




17 June 2011

i joined the bump-wagon!

17 June 2011
I decided to join in on the fun over at Shell's Blog and dug up photos of me  and my baby bump!

But, first, a short introduction.

I've always had a serious case of baby bump envy every time I saw one. So when we got pregnant, I longed for one of those proud, well-shaped and smooth bellies. But it was not to be. My bump didn't show until quite late. I gained all the necessary pounds plus extra water but they all went to my ankles! Regardless, I still flaunted my baby bump loud and proud. 

Without further ado, here's me flaunting my baby bump! 

With my 9 week old bump while on a conference in ISTANBUL

20 week old bump at our first apartment

28 week old bump waiting for the bus

32 week bump at OUR Baby Shower

11/10/2009....at 39 weeks one day before the bump POPPED!

And here is where all the water went :p

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15 June 2011

awards: bask in the sun in style

15 June 2011
Last week, my wonderful bloggy friend Mom 2 Kiddos  awarded me with these!

Why, ThankYou!

*round of applause*

I am more than honored to accept!  *blush*

I dedicate this award to all the wonderful friends that make up my online community! These amazing women who take time to read and comment on my posts somehow validates my decision to resurrect this blog. Oops, are there  men out there too? 

Now, on to the 7 facts about me. I am not a book, so...please don't judge me! :)

1. I am a Capricorn born in the year of the Dragon! What does that mean? Nothing. I think that makes me an old dragon with a wry sense of humor.

2. I am a pack rat and hence, 

3. I don't travel light...and, always worry about overweight baggage. My husband always scolds me for that. But I've found ways around it—ship the luggage to your final destination! 

4. When I graduated from med school, I vowed that I would sleep for a whole year! No, that has not happened yet...and will probably never happen.

5. Glee and Gossip Girl are my guilty pleasures. Back in the day, it was Felicity! 

6. I love making "to do lists", "to buy lists"...lists, lists and, more lists. No, they don't get all done.

7. I have never learned to play a musical instrument. Boo me. But I can dance! 

Okay, enough about me! 

I now pass on these awards to the following bloggers. In no particular order. *dun dun dun dun*

1. Sherry of The Savvy Mummy. Stumbled on her blog and discovered that she made a directory of bloggy mums in SG. Isn't that neat?

2. Sara of Kongchu Thoughts. I followed her first on Instagram then Twitter then found out that she blogs too! So does that make me a stalker now?

3. Lexie Lane of Voice Boks. She prolly doesn't need this award but I just have to hand it to her for running one of the best online mum communities. I'm glad she commented on one of my posts and invited me over. 

4. PC of Scrap Mum Loft...because she's one resourceful mummy!

5. Laura of Day by Day in Our World. I find it  interesting to peek into the world of a homeschooling mum in Alaska!

6. Rachel of Life with Baby Donut. Owls and doughnuts...they go together. Remember the line from Dr. Seuss Super Senses book? "Noses are for smelling, doughnuts smell sweet, lots of noses smelling owl's feet"

7. Brynn of Chartreuse and A Twist. Admit it, chartreuse rolls nicely off the tongue, doesn't it? Seriously she has a slew of eye candies in her blog.

So go and savor your awards for as long as you like and remember to:
1. Pay it forward (to as many blogs as you like, 5-10 maybe?)
2. Share with your readers 7 things about yourself.

08 June 2011

envelope clutches, anyone?

08 June 2011

So many chances of winning and is open to ALL local and international readers! 
What are you waiting for?