31 January 2012


31 January 2012
it's been awfully quiet around here.


no good reason really. i just did a bit of un-blogging. not really unplugging because i'm still active in the other social media platforms :p

i am slowly getting back into the grind.

for starters, here's a peek at some of the events at the tail end of our twenty-eleven.

wicked the musical // the witches of oz were wickedly good! it's worth watching a second time. or third. 

home for the holidays // a first for the toddler girl.  quality time with the grannies. rendezvous with the bee. christmas carols at the malls. lanterns and parols. reunions. 

a real christmas // part of my beloved hometown was left devastated by typhoon washi/sendong
 i saw the aftermath with my own eyes. tragic and heartbreaking. i knew friends from high school who were left homeless. some even lost loved ones. in the wake of the tragedy, everyone sprang to action. it felt good to have helped bring christmas cheer to those who needed it most. 

how's that for starters?