21 October 2011

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21 October 2011

After more than a year's hiatus, I've finally gone back to work. Part-time. I was both anxious and excited about the decision. I wasn't sure how we would all adapt to the change. Especially the little girl. But deep inside I knew that she would somehow adjust better than I ever will.

And she has. Kids are truly resilient. She lets me leave in the morning without a fuss. Kiss and hug bye bye and that's it! No more tears. Make that no tears at all. Amazing, isn't it? Now, it's a different story with me. I get that lump in my throat every time I kiss her goodbye. *sigh* 

I am thankful to have a reliable nanny. She's been with my side of the family for a long time. We got her to work for us when I gave birth and was still working full time. That settles childcare for when I'm not home. 

Survived the first week back at work! My new role is not as demanding as the one I previously held. I'm really thankful for part-time arrangements. As I've said to June, they are heaven-sent! 

With this new change, I have learned to appreciate and value more the  time I spend with my kid. I didn't give it much thought previously since we were together all day everyday. Quality time or QT as we like to call it has a whole new meaning for our family now. 

11.11.11. Toddler girl's turning 2 on that auspicious date. That's Veteran's Day for you friends in the US. We're planning a small party for her and her little friends.  We were in Kansas when she turned 1 last year. And daddy wasn't with us to celebrate. So this is really a first for us. I'm really excited. You see, she's been practicing blowing out candles and sings a decent Happy Birthday song. I can't wait to see how it all turns out! 

So recently, there's that.

Have a great weekend everyone!