29 July 2011

on days like these.

29 July 2011
As alluded to in previous posts, we have a lot on our plate these days.
The toddler is going through a lot of changes. Tantrums and toddlers. You know how that goes.
I am in the midst of prepping for future career opportunities. The hubs has his own issues as well. And then there's more. 

On days like these, I am thankful for our daily routine.
Routine allows us to have a predictable and consistent structure to our days.
Predictable is sometimes good, right? Having a routine allays my fears.
It lessens my tendency to buckle and give in to pressure.
It allows me to tweet and blog efficient use of my free time. 
So on days like these, I'd say routine is good.

On that note, I leave with you these.

after sleep/nap: looking for these, binky fairy?
not tired, just wanna hide

                                                             playground routine: car rides                                          
friday routine: waiting for kindermusik class

                   more friday routine: hitting the grocery. do you think they'll live  up to their promise?

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