25 April 2012

storytime favourites

25 April 2012

in this day and age, digital media is fast becoming the norm. while reading on computers, tablets, and e-readers is convenient, it cannot replace the experience of reading the printed word. the smell of ink, the feel of leafing through pages, and the satisfaction of snapping a book close is truly an experience like no other. which is why, i am happy that my toddler girl LOVES books. the printed kind. even more so when we read them to her. after several "some mores", she would insist on "read by myself, mummy."she would then flip through the pages and linger at her favourite page or say her favourite line over and over again! it's very cute, really =)

inspired by stasha's listicle this week, i thought i'd share the 10 books that we currently have on rotation and some of her favourite lines from each book.
1. "small feet, big feet, here come pig feet" - the foot book by dr. seuss
2. "stop everybody! i know what i'll do. i'll just be myself, my whole self and not you."- who are you, sue snue? by dr. seuss

3. "to the tiger in the zoo, madeline just said, "pooh-pooh." -madeline by ludwig bemelmans
4. "off he swims to some far lake, feeling that his heart will break. crying great big tears, he glides; behind the reeds and sadly hides."-the ugly duckling
5. "chuckedy-chuckedy-chuck...out pop little yellow rubber ducks, one after the other,
one after the other." - 10 little rubber ducks by eric carle
6.  percy the park keeper ABC by nick butterworth
7. "what's a library, daddy?" "what a lot of books!" - peppa goes to the library
8. "splish! splash! splosh! this is goldie the fish!  - peppa's first pet
9. "there are many kinds of quiet, first one awake quiet, jelly side down quiet, don't scare the robin quiet..."the quiet book by deborah underwood
10. "oh dear, what a fuss? thanks so much for saving us."-little red riding hood

and you? what are some of your favourite books?
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