04 April 2012


04 April 2012

weekend started with a spontaneous trip to the neighbourhood coffee shop. a toast, water in hand and donned in jammies. i say it was one of the best fridates ever.  
so, who knew that a pineapple is, in fact, a large berry? you did? good for you. =)

then came saturday. the hubs wanted to check out the htc one regional launch. so we went.  
it was a one of a kind experience as we journeyed to paris, new york, and sydney in a matter of minutes! showcased at the launch were htc's newest and most powerful smartphones to date. as an apple fangirl wannabe, i felt a tinge of guilt for being there. but i thought, it was good opportunity to check the competition out. we had kraze burgers and chilli fries here afterwards. 

the sun was out and the sky particularly blue on palm sunday. hearing mass was in order while the rest of the day was spent watching this. it was a weekend well-spent. 

here's looking forward to a solemn week ahead. a meaningful and reflective holy week to all who commemorate.