19 August 2011

keep still.

19 August 2011

Day in and day out, we are ever so busy, getting caught up in the hustle and bustle of our everyday things. 

At this moment, I choose to keep still and appreciate the simple things.

:: I appreciate that the weather has been less erratic lately. More pool time for the toddler. Yay!

:: I appreciate technology. Even though the rest of my family is scattered all over the globe, we still get to  see  and talk to each other virtually! 

:: I appreciate that my toddler is now showing signs of potty readiness. She now asks for the potty on waking up and after bathing.

:: I appreciate my husband for letting me sleep in on weekends. 

:: I appreciate Barney. The purple dinosaur is the toddler's current fave.

::I appreciate that my toddler's stroller footrest has finally been replaced. For free.

::I appreciate my Voice Boks friends for their continuing support. You are awesome.

::I appreciate Natalie for the heads up on this linky and  Jesslyn for hosting this. And Bruna for Let's Bee Friends :)

What about you? What are the simple things that you are grateful for?

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