21 February 2012

27 months | goodbyes and hellos.

21 February 2012
dear andi, 

we've been trying to get rid of your pacifier ever since you turned 2. we tried going cold turkey but it backfired on us. so we let it slide for a bit. then luck came on our side when you began chewing on your pacifier. one by one, they broke. but you held on to the last piece. then one day, the last piece broke (may or may not have been deliberately broken by moi. ehem.)

so,  goodbye binky. this week you finally bid your paci adieu and even asked, "remember my pacifier? it's broken!" goodbye nappies. sort of. ever since we got back from the grannies after the holidays,  you have shown interest in using the "big potty in mummy's toilet." so big potty it was. in a week's time, you were dry by day and night! i still let you wear cloth nappies at night and disposables when out for precautionary measure. goodbye bedtime milky bottle. you also kissed your bedtime bottle goodbye! you've been taking your bedtime milk from a cup since last month! yay! 

hello my little big girl! 

you've become such an animated girl and never fail to make us laugh. your facial expressions, your ways. the other day you put the shape sorter basket upside down on your head and pretended that it was a hat. we laughed ourselves silly!  i love this stage because you are noticing and remembering everything around you; the airplane in the sky, the dog barking in the estate, the prints on mummy's shirt, the names of all your friends. you can distinguish all vehicle types. car, van, yellow taxi, blue taxi, big bus, small bus, shuttle bus, truck, bike, motorcycle.


you are quite concerned with doing things your way.  you like to get into your chair, climb on to the bed, draw the curtains, turn on and out the lights, take off your shoes and socks, turn off the faucets, wash your hands, and more.  you continue to be a big help,  insisting on putting back the mop to the storage, throwing  trash, flushing the potty. i never knew what a little assistant i could have in a two year old. the estate workers, guards, and shuttle bus driver know you and your constant enthusiastic greetings. hi uncle, hi auntie! 

i'm amazed at how you are learning and becoming such a talker. you surprise us with something new everyday. you say big words like queuing, pretending, excited, and more. you know your numbers up to twenty, your alphabet (ellemenopee?), your colors and shapes. 
you take delight in talking on the phone. when daddy and i are at work, you insist on picking the phone up every time we call home. "hi mummy. where's daddy? i love you and i miss you?" you are most happy building blocks,  kicking  and throwing a ball around the house, playing come and get me daddy, making a tent, and pretending and telling tall tales. "the monster bird in the playgwound? flying down to get the cupcake! bird is hungy. mummy there's an owl in the playgwound! two! lola and baby owl! no sound! hoot hoot only on tv! you love calling attention to what you're doing. look mummy! i'm reading to my dollies! look mummy, i'm getting pineapple from the tree! take off skin first then slice." keep those stories coming little one.

you are growing too fast. much too fast for your mama. i wonder what we'll be saying hello and goodbye to in the coming months and years. for now, i will take pleasure in watching you grow and keep my beating heart still.