29 February 2012

photo challenge

29 February 2012
it's pretty obvious that i like taking photos of my toddler and just about anything that catches my fancy. this became even more so when my hubby handed me down his iphone4s. sometimes i go on a snapping frenzy. so at the start of this year, i resolved to do a proper 365 day project. by proper, i mean not just take photos haphazardly because i do have a strong tendency to do that. a few days into my 365...make that 366 day project, i stumbled upon fatmumslim's #photoaday meme on instagram. i needed no further prodding and jumped right in! here's my take on the FEBphotoaday prompts. 

top-bottom:  my view. cafeteria at work | words of warning | hands at work | that familiar stranger / 10 am..not. 3 little girls on a playdate 

top-bottom: lo mien for dinner | button | sun...shining through my window | front door | self-portrait

top-bottom: makes me happy. saturday baby and daddy swim time | closet of my dreams  | my blue baggu | happy heart's day | busy with their phones

top-bottom: something new | time. snuggle + silly time | drinks at the pantry | something i hate. inching through crowds | handwriting 

top-bottom: favourite photo | where i work.  smiley sharks on lift doors | shoes today. an oldie but goody | in my bathroom cabinet. skincare arsenal | green..lush greens at our estate.

left-right: night light | something i ate. nectarine | money money money lots of money | something you're listening to. 1:30 am of 29022012.

check back again for March photo a day.
oh and don't forget to make today count! it's the leap year!